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Alberto Dominguez: 

Originally from Colombia, South America, Alberto moved to Canada with his family in the year 2000. It was in 2006 when he moved to Vancouver Island, that he combined his love for photography and his passion for interior design to create a successful career as an architectural photographer. In 2007, Alberto and his wife, Mia, founded Nanaimo Virtual Tours, currently known as Artez Photography Corporation.

Alberto's artistic experience is broad. It includes working for 17 years on his own business as a distinguished furniture designer as well as a jewellery designer. 

His artistic and sophisticated photographic style captures spaces and nature in a vibrant and unique way. Alberto's depth of understanding in the photographic field has set him apart as a highly technical photographer. His trademark is a clean and clear, line-defined, vivid photography. He looks for the interaction of two or more spaces in the same composition which brings the challenge of multiple lighting sources.

Alberto has rapidly become an internationally recognized architectural photographer, whose work is used by high profile clients and is published regularly in numerous magazine covers, news papers and advertising campaigns. Itís a mixture of Albertoís artistic capabilities and his wide range of experience that allows for the creation of outstanding images which will likely exceed your expectations.



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